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3 Pack Sparkling 14K Gold Stud Earrings

3 Pack Sparkling 14K Gold Stud Earrings

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Sparkle and Bedazzle! This 3-pack of 14K Gold Stud Earrings feature cubic zirconium 'diamond' accents in round gold varieties (white, yellow, and rose) to live-in or elevate any look:

  • 14K Gold
  • Set of (3) with varying color - White Gold, Gold, and Rose Gold
  • Stud earring design
  • Secure Post Back
  • Waterproof: Swim, sleep, sweat, and explore 24/7 with comfortable wear.
  • Zirconium is a highly durable material, well-known for its robustness and resistance to corrosion.  It is an excellent alternative for diamond jewelry since it is both eco-friendly and affordable. It withstands everyday wear and tear, and maintains its appearance over time without tarnish or rust. Its synthetic nature makes it a sustainable alternative to diamonds as it mimics diamond appearance, but does not involve extractive traditional diamond mining. 
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