About SVZ


SAUVAGE ZSA™ is an American woman-owned small business advocating for wellbeing, cultural heritage diversity, and wilderness. SAUVAGE ZSA™ is rewilding the retail experience with each product collection intentionally curated to resonate with the natural world;  SAUVAGE embodies untamed places or wilderness [ˈwildərnəs] a region where the land is in a natural state and impacts from humans are minimal to non-existence, and ZSA honors the owner's ancestral Czech heritage.  This sustainable lifestyle brand provides a one stop online shop for small-batch lifestyle products, artisan jewelry, events, and fashion apparel while empowering minority communities through mutually beneficial partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility.  

When you shop with us online, we bundle your products for safe-keeping during transport with pollast!c eco-packaging made from 100% recycled Ocean Bound Plastic pollution. Our mailers are the lowest carbon form of packaging commercially available currently with 75% less of a carbon footprint than traditional mailers and 30% less than recycled mailers.  We are honored to serve you with mutually beneficial products and shipping solutions, while providing transparency within our business practices and striving for the highest level of sustainability standards. 



SAUVAGE ZSA™ is founded and owned by Zsa Zsa Seebeck, a fourth-generation Czech woman born and raised on a historic guest ranch in Colorado. Zsa Zsa earned a Masters degree in Construction Engineering and Management from CU Denver’s Civil Engineering program simultaneously earning the department's Leadership award and certificate in Construction Project Management. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering, Cum Laude, from Colorado School of Mines; and an Associate degree from Colorado Mountain College specializing in english and mechanical engineering. She is passionate about photography, fashion, art, travel, modeling, cultural experiences, learning, and being the change she wishes to see in the world. 

Zsa Zsa is an entrepreneur at heart and promotes an attitude of inclusiveness; she has an innate ability for public speaking and encourages collaboration with mutual kindness and proactive communication. She is a true renaissance woman with strengths in project management and construction processes, business dev, implementation of sustainable initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), stakeholder management, personal styling and complex problem solving.  Throughout her life, she has worked in the following fields:  hospitality, horsemanship, retail sales, IT sales and development, marketing, geology/geological engineering, and construction engineering management. She lives happily in Washington State with her spouse and adopted animals.

SAUVAGE ZSA™ was founded in honor of her loving Mom and Dad, who have shown her a world full of compassion, the power of believing in yourself, a nurturing environment, and unwavering support. She has trademarked SAUVAGE ZSA™ for eight product classifications to ensure brand integrity, growth, and customers' quality assurance.